Complaints procedure

At Forty South Tasmania we seek guidance from codes of practice developed and maintained by highly reputable bodies like the Australian Press Council, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) to ensure our editorial policy and complaints procedure reflects best practice.

We welcome complaints as a means to engage with our readers. Such engagement almost invariably leads to better understanding of the issues raised for one or both parties.

Our complaints standards are based on the Journalist Code of Ethics published by the MEAA. The Code calls for the practice of honesty, fairness, independence and respect for the rights of others. If a complaint is received showing that we are in breach of any of those tenets, we will publish a full apology, retraction or clarification, as appropriate. Factual errors will also be corrected in print.

Anyone with a complaint about content in Forty South is asked to contact the editor via email, nominating the article or content in question, the Issue or web page where it appeared, and the nature of the complaint. We aim to acknowledge complaints immediately, and respond to the issues raised within one week. If the issue is complex, we will inform the complainant of a need for additional time to reach a resolution and regularly update them on progress.

If the editor determines there has been a breach of our editorial standards, an appropriate remedy will be suggested, such as a correction or clarification in the magazine or on the relevant web page.