Editorial policy

At Forty South Tasmania we seek guidance from codes of practice developed and maintained by highly reputable bodies like the Australian Press Council, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) to ensure our editorial policy and complaints procedure reflects best practice.

Forty South Tasmania does not allow pseudonyms and will not publish anonymous pieces. Credit for all content – text, photography and graphics – must be given when possible. Parental consent is sought when contributors or subjects are under the age of 16. We do not provide an automatic right to copy approval for interview subjects.

The editor requires contributors to secure any copyright necessary to make a submission in good faith, and copyright in submissions is held by the contributor, with the material exclusively licensed by Forty South for a mutually agreed period.

Forty South Tasmania editorial decisions, while underpinned by an ethical framework, are entirely objective. Content selection is based on two criteria: good writing on Tasmanian themes. We define good writing not in literary terms but in terms of reader engagement. Factually correct, compelling writing commands public interest. In publishing opinion pieces, our editorial policy mandates they be balanced, informative and fair, and never improperly influenced by political, commercial or personal interests. We promote the right of reply.