Push Day

Push Day is the story of a cave diving expedition to an unexplored region of Australia’s deepest cave.

Pushing is a term used by cavers to describe the act of going beyond the mapped areas of the cave to find new areas. These kinds of expeditions are undertaken to develop our knowledge of caves by mapping the new regions and trying to connect different caves into a single system. Cavers have to be well-prepared as they come up against unexpected obstacles and have to find their way back from unmapped areas. 

Push Day follows cave divers Stephen Fordyce, Andreas Klocker and support Petr Smejkal into the Junee Florentine cave system in southern Tasmania where, in May 2019, they launch a push dive into an unexplored region of Niggly Cave.

Produced and directed by Fraser Johnston, Push Day is part of a long-term project documenting the exploration of Tasmania’s Junee Florentine cave system.

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